Eligible students within 5 years of graduation from a BFA programme in visual arts at a Lower Mainland University (or reasonable equivalent)
Deadline: Monday Feb 15 2016


1 :: CV

Upload a PDF with your updated CV, including your BFA program.


2 :: Text

Write an artist text of up to 100 words.


3 :: Portfolio

Please submit all works as JPEG image fiels. If submitting a video work, submit a screen capture from the work with a link in the caption to a vimeo video or another reliable video streaming service of your choice. The video may be unlisted or a private link as long as it is not necessary to log in to view the video. If possible, use a link shortener such as goo.gl

The maximum number of works that may be submitted are any ONE of the following options:

  • Up to 5 image works
  • Up to 3 image works and 1 video work
  • Up to 3 video works

Video works submitted must be at most 3 minutes in length.

All image files must have captions underneath. Refer to the example below.

Example caption:

Marcel Duchamp 
Nude Descending a Staircase, no. 2, 1912
Oil on canvas
147 x 89.2 cm